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Winter Walking In Bhutan

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Bhutan 14 DAYS
WED 5 JAN 2022 - TUE 18 JAN (UTC+06:00)
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Winter Walking in Bhutan

14-Day Easy-Medium Grade Trip

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  • Get ready for some brilliant day hikes during winter, when the clear sunny skies make for great mountain views.
  • Travel to the beautiful Phobjikha Valley to see the rare and majestic black necked cranes who spend each winter here.
  • Explore Bhutan's traditional culture in Bumthang, where every hiking trail finishes at an ancient temple.

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Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Choeten

Location : Bhutan

 Some of the best views in Bhutan can be seen from the rooftop of this gorgeous temple, set on a ridge high above the Punakha Valley. It was built in 2004 in honour of the current, fifth king. It's a great walk to get there, as the trail winds through the rice paddies then pine forest, with the views becoming more spectacular as you ascend. Further up the hill are the monks quarters and beyond that is a royal retreat.

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The Black Necked Cranes

Winter is a special time in the Phobjikha Valley because this is when the black necked cranes arrive. They escape the harsh winter climate of the Tibetan Plateau and fly to two remote valleys in Bhutan, where the locals mark their arrival with a festival. Black necked cranes are a rare alpine species with a wingspan of over two metres. Conservation is a high priority for the government here and preservation of the habitat of these endangered birds is seen as greatly important.
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Punakha Dzong

Location : Bhutan

The beautiful dzong at Punakha sits at the confluence of two great rivers and is reached by a wooden cantilevered bridge. This elegant building displays the very best of Bhutanese architecture, embellished with intricately carved, painted and gilded woodwork. The dzong is the site for the coronation of Bhutan's kings and it is the winter residence of the central monk body.

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Tiger's Nest Monastery

Location : Bhutan

The hike to the amazing Tiger's Nest Monastery is one of the best in the world. As you ascend through pine and rhododendron forest you glimpse the monastery high above and the Paro Valley down below. Suddenly, after a final push upwards you are faced with the most magnificent views of the Tiger's Nest clinging to the side of a cliff. It's simply breathtaking.

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Longtey Walk

This lovely walk takes us from the head of the Phobjikha Valley to the small farming village of Longtey. The forest here is largely made up of a rare species of rhododendron, usually in bloom in May. During winter the forest becomes a beautiful, snowy white wonderland, contrasted by brilliant clear, blue skies.
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Trongsa Dzong

The rambling layout of Trongsa Dzong makes it the most interesting in Bhutan. It has been added on to over the years since construction first began in 1543, resulting in a building of many layers. Lovely courtyards are connected by stone staircases, with many intriguing nooks and crannies for exploring. If you walk all the way to the end of the dzong you'll be rewarded with wonderful views of the gorge and the river.

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Zuri Dzong Hike

The hike to Zuri Dzong is short, and sometimes steep, but it doesn't get much better for spectacular views over the Paro Valley. The dzong itself is much smaller, older and far more humble than the main Paro Dzong but it offers a charming, more authentic experience. You'll need to climb some steep wooden staircases to make it up to the fifth storey!
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Gangtey Goemba

Location : Bhutan

Gangtey Goemba, in the Phobjikha Valley, can be a great place to interact with the Buddhist monks who live here, as their quarters are within the courtyard rather than in buildings elsewhere. Great honour is usually bestowed upon a family that sends a son to become a monk. The monastery becomes their home and school, where they learn Buddhist teachings and poetry. They may also train in Buddhist art forms. Many of the intricate ornaments in the temples are made by the monks.

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Bushman Trail

This excellent hike rises above the Chokhor Valley in Bumthang, the central and spiritual heart of Bhutan. It  finishes at the small hamlet of Pemacholing, which has a beautiful nunnery, which serves also as a higher Buddhist institute (university/shedra) for female monastics of the Pema Lingpa lineage.
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