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The Black Necked Crane Trail

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Bhutan 15 DAYS
MON 7 NOV 2022 - MON 21 NOV (UTC+06:00)
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Experience the unique Black Necked Crane festival in the Phobjikha Valley

15-Day Easy Grade Trip

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On this culturally rich tour we take you to the beautiful Phobjikha Valley for the annual Black Necked Crane Festival before travelling to a remote corner in pristine eastern Bhutan, the little visited Bomdeling Valley, where cranes also make their annual migration from Tibet. Experience the rare opportunity of seeing these majestic, endangered birds and meet the people who protect them.

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The Black Necked Crane Festival

Join in with the locals at this unique festival, where the arrival of the sacred black necked cranes in the Phobjikha Valley is a cause for celebration. These large, majestic birds fly from Tibet every winter and find safe haven among the kindly Bhutanese who carefully preserve the crane habitat. It is said that the cranes circle the Gangtey monastery three times before landing in the valley.
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Eastern Bhutan

Eastern Bhutan is one of the best kept secrets in terms of travel destinations. It is unspoiled, authentic, traditional and sees very few visitors. It usually enjoys a milder climate than in the western part of the country. We journey along mountain roads with some of Bhutan's best scenery to get there and experience warmth and the ever-present friendliness of the locals.
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The Punakha Valley is one of the most interesting in Bhutan, known for its beautiful dzong, stunningly located at the confluence of two rivers. Punakha was once the seat of government and even now holds an important place in for Buddhists as the winter residence of the chief monk body. There are a number of significant temples in the valley, including the Temple of the Divine Madman and the beautiful Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten.
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Gom Kora

This beautiful and serene temple complex in Trashiyangste attracts pilgrims from all over the country. It is one of Bhutan's holiest sites.
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The Tiger's Nest

The Tiger’s Nest is one of the most beautiful temples in the world because of its incredible location. It is spectacularly perched on the side of a sheer cliff and it’s a solid uphill hike to get there but the views are worth every step.


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Thimphu is one of the world's smallest capital cities but has seen rapid growth in the last few years. It has no traffic lights, just a white-gloved policeman to conduct traffic. Thankfully traffic jams are rare and the main centre is still small and easily negotiated. The city sits in the Thimphu Valley, fringed by forests and mountains, protected by a 51-metre high golden statue of the Buddha.

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Trongsa Dzong

The rambling layout of Trongsa Dzong makes it the most interesting in Bhutan. It has been added on to over the years since construction first began in 1543, resulting in a building of many layers. Lovely courtyards are connected by stone staircases, with many intriguing nooks and crannies for exploring. If you walk all the way to the end of the dzong you'll be rewarded with wonderful views of the gorge and the river.

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Gangtey Nature Trail

This lovely, easy-grade walk around the Phobjikha Valley begins at the Black Necked Crane Information Centre, the hub for all things to do with these endangered birds that fly here from Tibet every winter. From the centre we head down the road and skirt the valley, enjoying vast open views. The trail then rises to a beautiful pine forest that leads to the village and finally Gangtey Monastery. 

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Paro Dzong

Paro is the gateway to Bhutan. Its wide valley makes it the most suitable location for Bhutan’s only international airport. The valley is dominated by the view of the magnificent dzong, or fortress, which is the site of one of Bhutan’s most popular festivals. Above the dzong sits the National Museum, home to some fine examples of Buddhist art and sculpture, as well as a room dedicated to Bhutan’s flora and fauna.


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