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Textiles of Eastern Bhutan

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Travel around eastern Bhutan and discover tiny villages where beautiful hand woven textiles are crafted and learn some of these traditional skills.

Day 1: Arrive Guwahati


Location : Samdrup Jongkhar, Bhutan

We begin our trip to Bhutan at Guwahati in India. Our guide and driver will meet us after we clear customs. We will recognise them both as they are likely to be the only ones wearing the traditional costume for Bhutanese men, a gho. From here we will drive to Samdrup Jongkhar, just over the border. The drive will take 3 hours.

Overnight in Samdrup Jongkhar. Altitude: 170 metres.

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Day 2: Trashigang


Location : Trashigang, Bhutan

Today will be a long drive as we head north to Trashigang, one of the major towns in eastern Bhutan. It's a long winding road as we gradually gain altitude, with some great views along the way. We will break up the journey with a stop at Khaling to visit the National Hand Loom Centre. The Center is run by the National Women's Association of Bhutan with the aim of preserving the craft of weaving. Women from all parts of eastern Bhutan come to the centre to learn how to weave. The centre has a vegetable garden where many of the plants used for the dyes are cultivated. There is also a small shop where you can buy some of the products.

Driving time: 6 hours.

Overnight in Trashigang. Altitude: 1,070 metres.

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Day 9: The Tiger's Nest


Location : Paro, Bhutan

Today we put on our walking shoes for the hike to the Tiger's Nest monastery, Bhutan's most iconic and photogenic temples. It's location perched on the side of a sheer cliff is breathtaking. You'll find yourself wondering how it ever got built. We have the option to walk all the way to the top and visit the various small temples that make up the Tiger's Nest complex or to walk instead to the cafeteria, located about halfway up, where panaramic views are also to be had.

This afternoon we will do any last minute shopping before our final celebration dinner.

Overnight in Paro. Altitude: 2,280 metres.

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