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Textiles of Eastern Bhutan

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Travel around eastern Bhutan and discover tiny villages where beautiful hand woven textiles are crafted and learn some of these traditional skills.

Beautiful Eastern Bhutan

Very few visitors make it to eastern Bhutan but the lower altitudes and gorgeous scenery make it perfect year round. This is the best place to see traditional Bhutanese culture at its best. The temples and villages are uncrowded and it's a great place to interact with the friendly locals.

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Visit the weaving centre in the tiny village of Radhi that has some of the best textiles in the country. Enjoy some of Bhutan's best scenery from Radhi, with rolling mountainside offering stunning views of terraced rice paddies, traditional houses and isolated temples and fortresses.

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Khaling National Hand Loom Centre

The National Hand Loom Centre in Khaling is a school and meeting place for the weavers of eastern Bhutan. The centre has its own garden for the growing of plants to be used as dye in the beautiful works produced here.

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The village of Khoma is a centre of excellence for weaving and the exceptional textiles produced here are highly sort after. The craft of weaving is passed down from generation to generation, with grandmothers, daughters and granddaughters all taking part.

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Visit the ancient temples of Bumthang, in Central Bhutan, the spiritual heart of the country. Bumthang is also known for its weaving, particularly those made from yak wool.

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The Tiger's Nest

Hike to Bhutan's most iconic and photogenic temple, the incredible Tiger's Nest. Walk through beautiful pine and rhododendron forest before the abundance of prayer flags announces the spectacular sight of the Tiger's Nest, clinging precariously to a sheer cliff overlooking the Paro Valley.

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