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Druk Path and Dung Tsho

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Bhutan 12 days 11 - 22 APRIL, 2021
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Druk Path Trek and Dung Tsho

This 12-day trip includes a 6-day trek along the Druk Path, with an excursion to the beautiful Dung Tsho, a sacred lake. The trip also includes a hike to the spectacularly scenic Tiger's Nest monastery.  

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Stunning Mountain Scenery

Walk among the alpine rhododendrons and enjoy brilliant mountain scenery, including the snowy dome of Jomolhari, Bhutan's second highest mountain at 7,314 metres.

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Alpine Lakes

Experience the serenity of Bhutan's beautiful alpine lakes, including Dung Tsho.

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High Passes

Trek over Bhutan's panoramic high passes, strewn with prayer flags and accompanied by exclaimations of "Lha gyalo", May the Deities Prevail.

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Jili Dzong

Trek to this lonely monasteryand fortress on a high ridge on the first day's trek, after emerging from the cypress and rhododendron forest.

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Finish the trek with the downhill walk to Thimphu, one of the smallest capital cities in the world.

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Explore the beautiful, lush valley of Punakha, including a visit to Bhutan's most revered dzong.

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The Tiger's Nest

Hike to Bhutan's most famous temple, the stunning Tiger's Nest, clinging to a sheer cliff above the Paro Valley.

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Dochu La

Walk around the incredible 108 chortens and experience the superb views of the Dochu La, located on the road from Thimphu to Punakha.

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Lungchu Tsey Pilgrimage

Take the 3-hour hike on the Lungchu Tsey Pilgrimage, emerging from the forest  and prayer flags to reach the quaint temple at the top, at almost 3,600 metres in elevation, with gorgeous views across the valley.

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